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Puppet Workshops

Throughout the ages puppets have held a special place in society and have been used to educate, comment or simply tell stories. The Dede workshops revive this tradition which is as old as human history itself.


Using puppets is a straight-forward trick to disconnect the message from the bearer and by doing so it offers the viewer a candid take on any issue presented. The participants can playfully explore any possible and impossible solution without losing face.


In a Dede workshop whimsical imagination and creativity are unleashed by producing an impromptu animation film in a small group. The focus is on participation and interaction. No puppeteering experience is necessary and stage fright is virtually unknown to these little actors.


Puppets are a safe medium to express the self or the voice of the many and inspire creativity. They are neutral actors without preconceived ideas or opinions. They allow examination of issues from every angle without judgement.


They are an ideal tool for:

  • Team building

  • Problem solving

  • Stimulating imagination

  • Improvisation

  • Intergenerational communication

  • or plain old fun with friends


"Dietlind created a comfortable and safe environment during the workshop in which I felt I could tap into my own storytelling, humour and creativity."

Cath O'Brien

There are three basic workshops:


I am happy to design a workshop for your specific needs. Email me with your request.

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