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I believe in life-long learning.
But to be honest, I hated school.

Then the penny dropped...

And this is the reason why I became an educator myself. True!


My love for learning finally emerged when I embarked on the digital journey in the 1980's, at a time when personal computers were still in their infancy. After completing my studies in Print Media Management I found work in the fledging computer book industry and realised I have a knack for explaining difficult subject matter in simple words. Basically because I didn't know any big words :)


For two decades I have been teaching digital imaging at tertiary level. Along the way I gained a Masters of Design and learned a few big words and a multitude of other things.

Due to the prevalence of computer-generated imagery I was increasingly longing for the tactile experience. While my art moved steadily towards mixed media and puppet making, my teaching interests shifted from technical subjects to social issues, such as creativity, confidence building and empathy and finally to healthy lifestyle.

This film is a pro bono piece to raise awareness for Lipodema. It was a co-operartion with my friend Avril Lunken, a therapist from Melbourne,

Fat Legs & All

This animation film was created to highlight a little-known condition which makes the lives of many women who suffer from it miserable. Watch the film

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