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The Lifestyle Circle in Kerikeri (Keri TLC)

Don't you dare to judge me by my supermarket trolley!

But, I do. Sadly, in most trolleys ultra-processed products outnumber fresh produce. You could call ultra-processed food the biggest human experiment since cigarettes and we cannot fathom what price we have to pay in the long run. Though the explosion of non-communicable diseases in the last forty years should give us an inkling.

Agreed, diet is an extremely personal subject and many people would consider their eating habits as reasonably healthy, a bit of tweaking here and there and she'll be right. Or they have given up, finding eating healthy is either too time consuming, too expensive or too difficult.

None of the above has to be true... And it doesn't help that there is plenty of confusing and contradicting information out there.

On a personal level the first and foremost fact is that an improved diet adds quality of life, physically and mentally. Of course physical activity, sleep & relaxation and a feeling of belonging also influence wellbeing.

On a societal level one cannot ignore the environmental impact of our food production. For example, according to the United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) one third of all food produced for human consumption is wasted annually. Let this sink in for a bit. 


Better personal wellbeing, while having a lower environmental impact sounds like a good proposition, doesn't it? But can we achieve it? Let's try or at least become more conscientious about our choices! Akin to a book club, The Lifestyle Circle in Kerikeri meets on a monthly basis to discuss a specific topic and exchange ideas in a relaxed environment. It is a strictly non-commercial and independent gathering. Suggestions for topics are welcome. Details are announced on the facebook page.


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