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Dede Live workshop

This is a safe environment to put a fool's cap on. You never know what you'll discover.

The Dedes are accomplished artworks in their own right and it is somewhat difficult to resist their charm. They magically tease stories out of everyone who is willing to engage. Under the guidance of an experienced workshop facilitator and artist, the participants create an impromptu puppet play using the distinctive puppets. 


The theme is either decided on by the group or can be instigated by the facilitator. The play is recorded as a series of still images and subsequently turned into an animation film that will be published on the internet. (Post-production is not part of the actual workshop content, but can be incorporated on request).


  • the best group size is between 4 and 8 participants

  • the ideal duration is 2 to 3 hours for the creation of the story (excluding post-production). As a guideline: 3 hours will produce enough raw footage for roughly 1.5 minutes of drama

  • The animation workshops are suitable for all ages from 10 years onwards.

​​Good Riddance


Two Dedes are reading a book together when a bully comes along and torments them. See how they cope with the situation.

The film was created as part of the "Festival of performing Objects"


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