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My friend Dede

In this workshop each participant adopts one of the Dede characters for the session and interacts with the rest of the group through their chosen character.


This workshop was designed with senior citizens in mind, however, it could be applied to groups with communication difficulties. The puppets have proved invaluable in overcoming inhibitations.


A typical outline for a 1 to 1.5 hour session would be:

  • Participants engage with their adopted puppet and develop their puppet's life story.

  • Participants interact with each other using their puppets in a Q&A game

  • Impromptu puppet skits are devolped in a sub-group to perform to the others.


I am  happy to tailor a session for your specific group. For more info email me

A whispered moment at the Older Women's Network (OWN) workshop. Takapuna, September 2013.

"As a ‘Social Worker’ who has worked in the field of disability, grief and depression, I believe the therapeutic value of this type of work can be of enormous benefit.
When Dietlind brought her ‘family’ to a group for isolated older persons, which I facilitate, it was immediately apparent that the fact they were communicating through the puppet on their hand, allowed them to forget inhibitions and use their ‘friend' as a means of expression."

Julia Masters

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