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Flash Dramas

The outcome of these workshops is usually a flash drama (or "Dramolett" as the Dedes like to call it). These are short theatrical films, lasting from a few seconds to a few minutes. There is no set format for flash dramas, but there are some commonly shared characteristics:


  • Generally it is one act only.

  • Very few characters.

  • Minimal or no stage set at all.



​​A fowl murder


The kind King is murdered and the Dedes have to find out who did this evil deed.


The story was created and performed in a holiday programme at the Orewa Library with a group of 8 to 12 year-olds. Postproduction by Dietlind Wagner.



The puppets, story and film were  created in a one-day workshop at Michael Park School in Auckland with children aged 10.


Postproduction by Dietlind Wagner.

​​One out of the box


The saga between Magician and  Devil continues... who is allowed to wear the spokesperson badge?


But Devil is no slouch and he found himself another crowd  to work for. Postproduction by Dietlind Wagner.

​​Devil of a Day


Dede puppet Devil gets some bad news. Great to know he has a little friend he can rely on...


Storyline and imagery developed by the participants of the workshop (who were aged between 18 and 69).  Postproduction by Dietlind Wagner.

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