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Dede and the Trash Queen

Object Theatre Workshop

A creative confidence building workshop combines character development, story-telling and stop-motion film making.

This character was developed in a workshop for teenagers with addictions.

In this workshop the participants create their own characters The story will also come from within the group and reflect their own experiences and set of issues. Using objects is a fun and non-threatening way for the participants to explore a wide range of possible and impossible solutions.


Some of the areas the workshop touches on

  • Exploration and reflection

  • Express yourself through an external medium

  • Improvisation and negotiation

  • Creative storytelling

  • Work co-operatively towards an agreed outcome

  • Problem solving /conflict resolution

  • Learn the principles of stop motion films


  • In Session 1 the participants will create their own characters from found and recycled materials with guidance from an experienced facilitator. This is a reflective task for the  participant to tap into their own experiences and world views.


  • In Session 2 the participants will use their characters as  actors in a stop motion animation film. The story is developed within the group. This is a team task and everyone involved will find a niche depending on their strength and ability.


These workshops are suitable for all ages from 10 to 110





The puppets, story and film were  created in a one-day workshop at Michael Park School in Auckland with children aged 10. A feature of all workshops is that the participants also have to develop the props on the fly. There is something in it for everybody!.


Postproduction by Dietlind Wagner.

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