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Dede books & things

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The first Dede book Hermit's Web or the few friends I need, I hand-craft myself  (2012 published by Zeitgeist Publishing and Design) is a tongue-in-cheek comment on friendship and social networks.


ISBN 978-0-473-20669-7 | full colour quality hard cover, stitched, 76 pages, 160mm by 150mm

NZ$ 24.90


You can also buy Dede paraphernalia in the Dede Design zazzle store. If you have a particular wish for an item I don't offer yet, feel free to email me.

I am happy to print any of the images from Instagram on a zazzle item.

The Artist's Survival Cookbook

The Artist’s Survival Cookbook (2015 published on Createspace, also available on Amazon). The book is full of recipes made from mainly flour and water. The Dedes explain pitfalls and give the occasional opinionated advice on life.


ISBN 978-1-517416765-3 |  114 full colour pages, perfect bound, 215mm by 215mm

US$ 22.50

The Super Dede Competition ebook

The Super Dede Competition (2016 ebook published on Smashwords). The story is a revised version of the first Dede talent show on the blog.


ebook. ISBN: 9781311141835

US$ 3.99


In the video the Dedes are making flatbread following the recipe from the book. More films on the youtube channel

Lil'Dedes and commissions

The Dedes are actors on Instagram and on the blog and are not for sale. However, their little finger puppet cousins, the lil'dedes are for sale and I also do Dede commissions. Please contact me if you would like to know more.

Dede puppet mug
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