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The Dede Creativity Workshop

Facilitated by Dietlind Wagner, MDes

26 Nov 2016 10:30am to 3pm (bring your lunch, tea and coffee provided)

At the Artist’s Studio in Beach Haven, Auckland

$70 pp (8 participants max)

Course outline

In this workshop Dietlind Wagner, the creator of the Dede puppets, shares with you her world of impromptu character creation and story telling. You will explore creativity in a fun, safe and non-threatening environment by building character objects from a range of materials.  The characters are subsequently used in a stop-motion animation film. The storyline is developed by the group and gives everyone the opportunity to reflect on their own experiences and issues. Using objects as actors allows you to externalise and disconnect, which is key to unlocking doors and gaining new perspectives. Different possible, and as well as impossible, solutions can be acted out.

There are many and varied tasks in such an undertaking and everyone involved will find a niche for their strengths and abilities. While we are aiming for a polished end-product, the value of the workshop is in the process rather than in the finished stop-motion film.

Morning 10:30am to 12:30pm

The morning is dedicated to building characters from found and recycled materials, suitable for simple animation. This is a reflective task. In the process the maker will breathe life into their creation and develop their puppets’ specific character traits, which will contribute to the subsequently developed story.

Lunch 12:30pm to 1pm

Note: There are no shops in the vicinity, please bring your own lunch. We will discuss the story and characters while we are having our lunch.

Afternoon 1pm  to 3pm

In the afternoon the story is acted out.  Creating a stop motion film is a very slow process. The characters are moved in tiny increments, a picture is taken and the character is moved again. One of the advantages of this process is its suitability for discussion and impromptu changes.  Props and stage scenery will be created on the fly with material found in the studio.


The final film will be completed outside of workshop time by the facilitator and uploaded to youtube with all participants credited.

Learning outcomes

Puppetry is often described as “art with no rules”.  As there is no right or wrong approach, the  atmosphere in a puppetry workshop is generally fun and relaxed. Some areas the workshop touches on are:

  • Improvisation

  • Reflection

  • Communication and negotiation

  • Problem solving /conflict resolution

  • Confidence building

  • Creative story-telling, expression through an external medium

  • Working co-operatively towards a common outcome

  • Learning the principles of stop motion

Who would benefit....

Educators, youth workers, team leaders, artists (with creative block), creatives, anyone who wants to develop their creativity

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